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L'Intelvese s.a.s. is an estate agency which can offer any kind of solution both for commercial and housing purposes, from a one-roomed flat to the luxury villa, from shops to sheds or to expository or industrial sites, in the Lombardy region.

Established in the 70's, L'Intelvese was immediately able to satisfy all clients' requests and needs, being either purchasers or sellers. The entrepreneurial ability of each member has made it possible for the growth of L'Intelvese and to make it one of the most well-known estate agencies in town.

Its constant presence on the territory of the province and its ability to create bonds and relationships beyond the limits of its members and staff, are the keys to success of L'Intelvese.

The strength of L'Intelvese, in addition to the personal ability of its members, who are all estate agents registered at the Chamber of Commerce, as foreseen by Italian law, is their vast lines of communications well over the standard publicity which allow to go over national borders to reach German and British customers, traditionally in love with our lake. In fact we operate on the area of Lake of Como and Val d'Intelvi, thanks to the presence of one of our offices in Argegno, in a strategic position, being an important tourist centre and a crossroad to the high part of the lake and our green valley.

Our thirty years of experience in this sector makes us, members of L'Intelvese, confident to act in an estate market, always changing and developing, in which only professional agents can lead the client by hand, both seller or purchaser, from the listing to the drawing up of the notarial deed, being able to help also when complications arise in the long course which leads to the selling or the purchasing of real estate.

The possibility to perform operations on our estates or lands make us even more sure of our product, that is:

- a complete service, with everything it involves (including loans at the best banks or finance companies; mortgage and land register surveys for the certainty of the purchaser).
- An estate which we can build in accordance with your needs, decide its size, the requisitions, the finishing touches.

However the greatest strength of L'Intelvese are the many clients which pass on the word after having being to our offices and had the opportunity to appreciate our performance. They are proud to recommend our company to friends, and their friends to other friends and so on.

Finally, in the hope that you too will be able to speak well of us, we are waiting for you in our offices to discuss some of the proposals you will find in our "window" or only to meet each other or to have further explanations on the world of real estate.

COMO - via Ballarini,5 - Tel. 031.278576 - Fax 031.242307 | P. IVA 01231310135
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