a real estate brokerage company

L’INTELVESE s.a.s. is a real estate brokerage company, able to offer housing and commercial solutions of all kinds – from the studio apartment to the prestigious villa, from the shop to the shed, to the exhibition and industrial spaces – in the territory included in the Lombardy region.

Founded in the seventies, it was immediately able to satisfy the different needs of customers, whether they were buyers or sellers. The entrepreneurial ability of the partners has managed to make L’INTELVESE s.a.s. grow and make it known more and more, making it one of the best known brokerage companies in the city.

The constant presence on the provincial territory, and the ability to weave bonds and relationships even beyond the physical boundaries of the members and staff, are the weapons and the winning key to the success of L’INTELVESE s.a.s.

The strength of L’INTELVESE sas, in addition to the personal skills of the members, who are all real estate agents regularly registered in the chamber of commerce, as required by law, is the ability to boast of communication channels that go beyond conventional advertising, and which also allow us to go beyond national borders and reach German, English, American and Dutch customers, historically in love with our lake.


constant presence on the territory


we know how to act well in a real estate market

The thirty-year experience in this sector makes us at L’INTELVESE sas certain that we know how to act well in a real estate market like ours, always on the move and in evolution, in which only professionals can lead the customer by the hand, whether he is a seller or the buyer, from the sales assignment, up to the signing of the notarial deed, knowing how to help him even in the event that complications may arise in the long path that leads to the sale or purchase of a property.

The possibility of also setting up operations on our properties and on our land, makes us even safer with our product, namely:

– a complete service, with all that this entails (including mortgages from the best credit institutions, or financial companies; mortgage and cadastral surveys for the certainty of what you are purchasing).

– a property that we can build according to your needs, decide its dimensions, specifications, finishes.


with all that this entails


who have passed through our offices in recent years

But the greatest strength of L’INTELVESE s.a.s. is the word of mouth of the numerous customers who have passed through our offices in recent years; customers who, having had the opportunity to appreciate our work, felt like recommending us to friends, and friends to other friends and so on.

So, in the hope that you too can talk about us, we are waiting for you in our offices to be able to discuss any of the proposals that you will find in our “showcase”, or just to get to know us or have further explanations on the real estate world.

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